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Reunion 2020 Charleston SC Postponed.
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2012 St. Louis, Mo Reunion Photos
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2010 Branson, Mo Reunion Photos

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A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans by Sam Elliott

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Video of Dong HA, Gio Linh, Con Thien and how they look Now

  1. To promote good will and harmony among those Veterans who had faithfully and courageously served their country during the time of the Vietnam war.
  2. To honor and preserve the memory of the Group and all members who had served in it by promoting free communication and encouraging exchange of information among its members.
  3. To locate all Veterans who had served in the Group during the Vietnam war.
  4. To promote the recognition of the extraordinary military presence of the 108th Artillery Group and its personnel during the Vietnam war.
  5. To conduct periodic reunions of the Group.

HHB 108th Arty Grp Compound - 1968

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Senior Officer Debriefing Report - 8 October 1967 to 3 September 1968

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