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108th Members We're Trying To Locate

The following is a list of past 108th members we are still searching for.
1. If you see a name listed below who you think, or know, is a past member of the 108th Arty Group please ask them to contact us at one of the email addresses listed below.
2. If you remember the name(s) of past 108th personnel, contact us at one of the email addresses listed below.

Jack Jamieson


Ty Cobb


Wallace G. Barnes

Rocky L. Becktold SP4 (South)

Richard Boisonneault

Stephen L. Bounds (located but chose not to participate)

Donald D. Braughton

Zelbert E. Brown (Maj.)

Edilmiro Cintron Nunez

Charles W. Cook (E-6) Supply Sgt.

Richard A Covey

Dennis C. Dalton

Russell A. Doed

Michael L. Donovan

Pat Everett 

Harold W. Flanner (E-7)

Alvin E. Ford (E-5)

Clyde A. Frederick (Cook)

Clarence Gill (E-5)

Michael Graniello

Ignazio Greco SP4 (Unknown)

Gary E. Green (Cook)

Ernest Harris (E-6) (Mess Sgt.)

Earl Henry PFC (Mid West)

David G. Hutchinson (E-6)

Thomas J. Jordan

Eugene L. Kearns

Sgt. Knolls

(1st name ?) LaChappelle

Kent N. Larkin

Bobby E. Lewis (Maj.)

Kenneth Lewis

Peter MacMillan (E-6)

Ed Menefee 

Richard Mesick

John P. Moy SP4 (South)

Jerry A. Neel

Carl Nelson (E-8)

Roland Nickle

 Glenn J. Norton

Darrell O'Kelley SP4 (Southwest)

Mike Pace (Cook)

Glen Paige 

Micael L Parsons SP4 (NE States)

Dennis B Patterson SP4 (NW States)

Charles R. Payne

Maclyn Peeks (E-5)

Paul Perez-Torres

Mack E. Phillips (E-6)

Larry D. Pilkington SP4 (NW States)

Harold D. Reavis

Freddie R. Rich

Donald L Richardson

Robert Ritter (Cpt.)

John G. Rodgers "Top" (E-8)

Michael S. Ryckman

Lawrence Schmidt Jr.

Thomas J. Semler (E-6)

Donald W. Shaw (E-6)

Holliace P. Spencer

(1st name ?) Spoto

Samuel Staten

Ken Swofford

Joseph P. Theriot (E-7)

Bert L. Thomas Sgt E5 (South)

James J. Thompson

William A. Untinen (located but chose not to participate) 

Ernest J. Vanier

Americo Velez-Molina

Jerry M. Wall

Nevada Williams (E-8)

Sgt. Wolfe

Bobby Wright (E-9)

Jack D. Young Jr.

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